Philips HR1363/04 600 W Hand Blender

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Product Description
Experience extra quick and easy cooking with the Philips HR1363 Hand Blender that combines 600 watts of power with the double action blade letting you make wonderful tasty and healthy food like never before.
600 Watt Motor

Designed with a powerful 600 watt motor, the hand blender only takes few seconds to blend food. The quick blending feature gives you the advantage of cooking faster so that you have more time on your hands for other tasks.

Stainless Steel Blade

The device is thoughtfully designed with the double action stainless steel blade that cuts both vertically as well as horizontally for even blending.

Extra Turbo

The blender is provided with an extra turbo button that you can manually switch on to blend tough ingredients. This adds to the power of the hand blender for a more powerful functioning.

Anti-Splash Blade Gaurd

With the anti-splash blade guard to prevent the food from splashing, you can cook conveniently without messing your kitchen.

Soft Touch Grip and Buttons

Integrated with the soft touch grip and buttons, this appliance can be used comfortably without hurting your hands.

Capacity and Usage

The Philips hand blender comes with a 0.5 litre chopper accessory that can be used to chop onion, herbs, hard cheese and more. While softer ingredients can be blended on low speed, the tougher ones can be done using the turbo feature. The detachable plastic bar makes cleaning this device quick and easy.




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