Faber Hood Kitchen Chimney 3N1 Aero. Sparkle Pro 3D AB TC 60 CM / 90 CM


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Faber is a famous name in the kitchen industry it’s based in Italy established in 1955, They have deep knowledge of customer requirements and kitchen use related products or They are one of the leading kitchen brands in the European country. its product is built with rich qualities and after the deep research and also followed by the industry standard, their products suit every kind of kitchen and they always try to make easy to use with durable time sustainability.

Faber have variety range of chimneys and this product is hood class chimney it’s an advanced solution for your kitchen.

Key Features:

  • Gives you peace of mind while using the product.
  • Wall-mounted chimney.
  • Purifier Filter – Nylon Filter – Remove particles such as dust and dirt from the air.
    -Carbon Filter – Traps Odor,
    -Gases and Neutralize them HEPA 1.0 PM filter – high-efficiency particulate air filter which removes dust,
    Smoke particles upto the size of 1 Micron.
  • Speed indication – Speed 1 – Green, Speed 2 – Orange, Speed 3 – Red.
  • 3 Plus intensive speed.
  • Premium touch control chimney.



60 cm, 90 cm


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